Toby Fox

making things and doing things



This is my now page.

In 2019 I left too-long in Brooklyn for a nomadic amble through only Iceland and Seattle before landing in Oakland, CA for a sunny pandemic. Now I'm in London Denver Berlin back in 2023 Oakland, enjoying the SF Bay while loosely eyeing an indefinite return to London, but as of 2024 I may happily remain in California instead.

I've been working on an interactive and encyclopedic travelogue of a series of fictional societies; it's also kind of a memory palace for mythologizing things I learn. It's still in progress and will be forever, but it's complete enough for me to move on from for now.

Currently planning the next project: a digital labyrinth/​cathedral/​garden for curating and sharing all the things I collect.

For a while I was working on decentralized identity at Serto Disco and moonlighting at Serotonin Mojito, trying to be mindful in an industry for which I have both enormous skepticism and cautious optimism. Then I quit in May 2022 to co-create Unfold.

I've been learning Japanese since 2017; it's ridiculously fun and makes for fruitful procrastination.

I meditate for 30 minutes a day and alternate between an increasingly elaborate yoga routine and HIIT.

I prioritize sleep over everything else and have averaged eight eight-and-a-half hours a night (including precious all-nighters) for two years now, and after the first six months of catching up found that I don't hate mornings anymore and occasionally even remember dreams.

My pandemic food passion was variations on the peanut butter + pickled cucumber + sriracha sandwich.

I've been enjoying nudibranchs, digital gardens, MyNoise community generators, postrat Twitter/tpot, and weird art parties.

Some tools I've found fruitful recently: an elaborate mnemonic pantheon for short-term memory and fun (inspired by this book), Roam Logseq for notes and second brain stuff, Focusmate for enforcing my plans in a slightly social way, AI art for both work and pleasure, and a notebook where I visualize streaks doing the stuff I want to do.

The main personality update I am cultivating right now is to reflexively delight in surmounting akrasia.